Get Out was one of this years biggest success stories with a minimal budget at best. It also got great accolades for a Black Producer with Jordan Peete receiving great acclaim for his work. One of the most memorable parts of the movie was when the lead character Chris was basically hypnotized by his girlfriends mother Missy while stirring a cup of tea.

While there were several hidden messages throughout the entire story, this is one that alot of folks weren't ready for. During the hypnosis process Chris was sent to the Sunken Place and everything else just went down hill from there. Well comedian Jay Pharoah who is known for having the killer impersonations did his spin on it. He portrayed Denzel Washington being sent to the Sunken Place and believe me you will laugh.


It doesn't seem like he'll be losing any checks anytime soon since leaving Saturday Night Live, Be on the lookout for his upcoming sitcom "White Famous" backed by Jamie Foxx that will be released soon on Showtime.

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