Over the weekend 25-year old rap star, Fetty Wap, almost lost his life in a motorcycle accident.  HipHollywood reports the rapper who's real name is Willie Maxwell,  was involved in a horrible car crash in his hometown of Paterson, NJ on Saturday.  Reportedly he was driving his motorcycle and when he tried to pass a vehicle, he collided with an on-coming vehicle in a head-on collision.

Wap was rushed to St. Joseph’s hospital and shortly after took to Instagram to let his fans know he was good.  Wap, is extremely lucky he didn't loose his life and well aware of that, he uploaded a video on Sunday saying, “I appreciate all my fans praying for me, I had a little accident but I’m straight.” he continued, “I broke my leg in three places but I’m going to be alright. I really appreciated ya’ll for real though.”

His partner in crime, DJ Louie Styles, kept fans updated via Twitter on Fetty’s condition, shared a pic of the rapper getting his leg put in a splint. The caption read:

“Wap is Gucci everybody thank you for your prayers.”

In other news, HipHollywood reports Don't Be Tardy/Dancing With The Stars reality star Kim Zolciak-Biermann had a mini stroke and still undergoing treatment at last word. According to reports, the star suffered a stroke after the taping of DWTS on Tuesday last week.  The former Atlanta housewife caught a late night flight back home and shortly after touching down had a mini stroke.

It's being reported that Zolciak had all the classic signs of a stroke, including numbness on the left side of the body and slurred speech.  However, she's also caught a lucky break and no longer experiencing any symptoms.  The reality star also took to her Instagram page to give fans an update on her condition saying,

“Going in for one more procedure, things are looking up! don’t let the oxygen scare you its just protocol,” she wrote on Instagram. “I wanted THANK all of you for the love! I feel so overwhelmed with all the texts, comments etc. I’m so grateful to have all of you! #TheyDontCallMeToughieForNothing.”

At the end of the day all ends well for both stars.  We certainly with them both a speedy recovery.  In the meantime for more news, LISTEN LIVE to Tha Wire on The Peoples Station 107 Jamz twice a day, every weekday at 12:50 p.m and again at 3:35 p.m.

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