It should come as no surprise that Diddy remains at number one on the Forbes top five wealthiest artists of 2017! With multiple investments including RevoltTV, and his deals with Ciroc and Diageo, it’s no surprise he still sits in the same spot as last year.

With Tidal now reportedly worth an estimated $600 million, Jay Z’s net worth has jumped up 30% since last year, putting him not far behind to come for the number one spot as the race to a billion continues. Not to mention his stake in Armand de Briganc, and his Roc Nation entertainment company.

Below is the list of each artists current net worth.

  1. Diddy $820 Million
  2. Jay Z $810 Million
  3. Dr. Dre $740 Million
  4. Birdman $110 Million
  5. Drake $90 Million

Dr. Dre is still sitting on money from his 2014 deal with Apple and their acquisition of Beats by Dre. Birdman is still bringing in money for three Cash Money artists, one of them who makes the list this year, Drake. Drizzy can thank the success of his 2016 album Views topping 1 billion streams on Apple music and a massive tour around the world, all helped in adding to his pocket book to put him on this list of the elite in hip-hop.

Below, "The Breakfast Club" weighs in on the this years list.

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