The Port of Lake Charles has been in operation for 97 years and business has never been better. It's known as the Deepwater Port of Lake Charles and is a major contender that holds its own among one the nation's biggest and most productive ports.

Forbes listed the SWLA port as the 7th fastest-growing port in the nation. The latest stats by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers say the port handles project cargo over 48.3 million tons annually in breakbulk, dry bulk, and liquid bulk.

Port Executive Director Richert Self, announced record-breaking operations in 2022 - 23 posting 16.7 million tons. Barely two months into 2024, Self told the American Press he projects another record-breaking year with 18 million tons of cargo.

The Port of Lake Charles is managed under the official title, Lake Charles Harbor and Terminal District and it's HUGE. The district spans 203 square miles in Calcasieu Parish and operates on 5,420 acres. It also owns and operates two marine terminals and two industrial parks. 

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That said, wouldn't it be cool if they added a cruise ship terminal? I don't know all of the formalities, and to be clear this is just wishful thinking on my part. But, it seems like it would be possible. Cruise ships need 25 to 50 feet of water depth to dock.

According to, the water depth is 40 feet, which is perfect! Another reason why the Lake Charles Harbor and Terminal District would make a great cruise port is that the Calcasieu Ship Channel leads directly to the Gulf of Mexico. Maybe one day, Lake Charles will add a cruise ship terminal, but until that dream becomes a reality below are 6 Interesting Facts About The Port of Lake Charles:

1.) Based on import and export tonnage, the Army Corps of Engineers listed the Port of Lake Charles nation's 12th busiest port in the country.

2.) Lake Charles Harbor and Terminal District manages the Calcasieu Ship Channel, which runs inland 36 miles and extends 32 miles into the Gulf of Mexico.

3.) The Port of Lake Charles owns and operates two industrial parks and marine terminals. It also manages 203 square miles in Calcasieu Parish and operates on 5,420 acres.

4.) Lake Charles Harbor and Terminal District is the official name of the Port of Lake Charles

5.) The Port of Lake Charles opened in 1926.

6.) The Lake Charles Harbor & Terminal District, is a public body that was created by the Louisiana Legislature.

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