Today in Tha Wire now more than ever Hip Hop and R&B artists are getting involved in their communities, in politics, and joining forces to make a difference for people in need around the world. French Montana, is one of the countless rap superstars giving back. His work with the non-profit Mama Hope - Global Citizen organization, will go a long way in helping millions of mothers and their children in KampalaUganda. Last year he helped create the Mama Hope #Unforgettable Dance campaign to bring awareness that maternal care in desperately needed in that nation. Below is more details about this wonderful initiative.

Montana gained so much love and admiration for the people of Uganda, he shot the music video for his hit "Unforgettable," feat. Swae Lee there. He also wanted to shine some light on an unbelievable Ugandan dance group called, the Triplets Ghetto Kids. Once he learned what Mama Hope - Global Citizen was working on, jump in to help. Montana has already dropped $100,000 of his own money to help pay for ambulances, incubators for premature babies, cribs, and a blood bank for the small community of Suubi.

Now he's got an entire movement going on, and donating more than money to the cause. He's giving his time. In addition to that, reaching out to his celebrity friends to get donations to build a expansion wing to the Suubi “Hope” Health Care Centre in Budondo, Uganda. Rolling Stone reports the goal is simple, to improve survival for babies through maternal healthcare for mothers.

French Montana's efforts are not only making a HUGE difference, but have inspired other artists to donate big bucks to the project. R&B star, The Weeknd, heard the call and dropped $100K to help out, and now Diddy has joined the effort. The Bad Boy mogul took things a step further by donating $200K, and recording a PSA, to hopefully raise even more money for the cause. Diddy gave $100,000 from his personal bank account, with an additional $100 grand on behalf of his incredibly popular vodka, Ciroc.

Now that's what's up! Peep Diddy's PSA below! Big ups fellas, thank you so much for always giving back.

In other news Atlanta rap legend Gucci Mane, is making some BIG moves too. Gwap had an explosive year in 2017. He dropped three albums back-to-back, went on tour, married his longtime boo-thang Keshia Ka'oir, and entered the New York Times Bestsellers List with The Autobiography of Gucci Mane.

Now HotNewHipHop reports Gucci is looking to top last year's success with a new movie! Of course a lot will have to go into the production on the bio flick it. Lining up a director, perfecting the script for the big screen, not to mention getting the right actors. So, I would imagine it'll be a minute before the film is ready. I wouldn't be surprised if Gwap plays himself either. After all he's had plenty of practice from starring in his own reality show, to co-starring in the movie Spring Breakers.

Gucci started pinning his autobiography while locked-up on a firearms possession charge, from 2014 to 2016. Prior to that the rapper was in a downward spiral of drug/alcohol abuse, and both his body and career were paying a heavy price for it. The jail time helped him deal with his demons, end his addiction to drugs, marked a major turning point in his life. By the time he emerged from prison, Gucci Mane, was a new man...literally. The rap star wrote in his book that he made a promise to himself to change his life, and "start doing better."

Since that moment the rap superstar has made a total transformation, reclaimed his career, completely changed his look, got fit, and got married. If that's not a comeback story worthy for the big screen, I don't know what is. We'll keep you posted with the details as they become available. Meanwhile Mr. Davis continues to kill the rap game, dropping a steady stream of music, and nailing the charts with hit after hit.

The Evil Genius.

HotNewHipHop reports the new LP will be available in the near future, and the fans can't wait. I will keep you posted on the release dates of course. Catch the daily scoop on entertainment news with Tha Wire, and stay in the know on The People's Station 107 Jamz.

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