When it comes to getting your body right and starting a new health regime, we generally like to kick off the new year. We have it in our minds that if we kick off the new year this way, we may stick to this for the entire year. Now there are plenty of us who can accomplish this, but there are also many who fall off the wagon along the way. Well I decided to switch it up and started my new routine in December with Project Fit.

They have some great folks over there who I have had the pleasure and I really mean that of working with. If you get the chance you should stop by and talk with Karen about setting you up with a personal trainer to help you get started with a new rear for the new year. I have to shout out Aillie, Katie, Bre and Justin who have all worked out with me and my partner in crime Ryan to help us propel to more energy and to get being better and more fitter individuals.

They offer various individual or group classes that include everything from Yoga, Stretching, Spin classes and various other outlets to help you become a fitter you. Give them a call today to set up a consultation 337-564-6967. They have staff on duty Monday- Saturday and would love to answer any questions that you have. Also make sure you tune into The Afternoon Jump off as I talk with various trainers from Project Fit and answer questions that you submit and would like to know.



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