When I started with my friends and family at Project Fit Of Lake Charles. I knew that some things needed to change in my life. I have been working out consecutively for well over 8 years. But recently I started to get stagnant and unable to shake out of my comfort zone.

I Knew once I started working with them at Project Fit that I would see a quick change and I wasn't wrong. One thing I love about them over there is they work with a program that is catered to you. They not only offer great workouts for you to do, they make sure you get it. This means even when you are not working out with a personal trainer, you can continue to same program on your own. They also offer various classes from stretching, yoga, spin classes and more.

Also if you have been sitting on the fence about what direction to go or if you even want to consider implementing working out into your daily routine. They are offering Mission Possible. This is a 6 week program going through April 6th for members, non members and those who need that little boost. I have worked with some great people over there like Allie, Bre, Katie, Justin and my good friend Carra who always offer major support when needed. If you are wanting to get yourself right and may be lost on how to get started. You should reach out to Project Fit today to get more information by calling 337-564-6967 today.

Since I began I have lost 20 pounds and that was even during the Christmas holidays. I definitely give a co sign to these folks and would like to say that if you are afraid to move. All you have to do is call for a consultation and meet with them before it's to late.

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