Five days after it was revealed that Lil Pump voided a potentially unfavorable Warner Bros. Records contract because he was a minor when he signed, it appears a bidding war for the services of the South Florida rapper is about to begin. Gucci Mane was one of the first to publicly put his name in the running.

Gucci's offer came after Pump commented on his own Instagram image, "Fuck it ima sign Lil pump to lil pump." Ever the opportunist, Gucci quickly responded to Pump's comment with what reads like the beginnings of a solid contractual arrangement.

"1017 you name the price," Laflare wrote in the comment, spelling out his interest in Pump with neon-colored letters. Will Pump, who originally received a $345,000 advance for his first record deal, be around for Gucci Mane's offer? It remains to be seen, but it doesn't feel like Guwop's bluffing.

Speaking with XXL for their Fall 2016 cover story, Guwop spoke on the way he embraces the evolving sound of Atlanta rappers. Though Pump hails from South Florida, it feels like the same idea applies.

“There’s a different sound to some of the stuff that’s going on. I’m forcing myself to like it because, it’s different," he said at the time. "It’s not what I grew up listening to. It’s not the stuff I would generally play in my car, but if everybody else like it, who am I to say they’re stupid or that they’re wrong? ...Yeah, so that’s kinda how it ended up, like if I keep saying that it’s stupid, then that means the next four, five artists that’s hot, I don’t sign them."

He continued, "I don’t got no part in what they got going on because I alienate myself. So, I’m forcing myself to see what’s going on now. I be like, They’re creative. They’re smart. They’re marketing themselves. They some little geniuses. That’s how I’m thinking now, so when I see them, 'Hey, I like what you got going on' and I’m not being fake about it even if I’m not the biggest fan of their music or whatever.”

Check out Lil Pump's Instagram post, and a screenshot of he and Guwop's comments below.

lilpump / laflare1017 via Instagram
lilpump via Instagram

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