I love working out and getting my body in the best shape possible. Of course it is not done overnight and of course it takes a while to get yourself where you really want to be. As a matter of fact you can talk to anyone and they will tell you that it's a lifestyle, not a temporary fix. I am also a lover of lifting weights and trying to work on the core.

Now getting those abs are a little more work then alot of folks believe. This guy in this video is obviously in the best shape of his life. Although after watching this video, I have to wonder how long that is going to last. He is allowing a sparring partner to punch in his stomach for a workout. I don't know many people who are trained to do this, and I am sure that he may have deal with it a little later on. Check out the video of the guy getting his workout on and solidifying his abs for a lifetime.


There is a bag for punching at least at last check. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. But hey to each his own and obviously it works for him. Happy working out everyone. What is your take on this video?