Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was an American Baptist minister, activist, humanitarian, and leader in the African-American Civil Rights Movement.  He was also a friend, husband and father.  His words still ring true today. American has to make some serious and immediate changes concerning race relations if we ever want to truly be the great nation we claim to be.  Dr. King's legendary "I Have A Dream" speech is testament to his love for people, justice and aspirations for the future of the country and world.

Race is something that some people, just can't seem to get past. More and more those people are being out-numbered.  The majority of the country is moving forward.  There's no denying that.  We the people elected America's first African American President not once but twice, we joined forces to condemn the bigotry and hatred behind the Charleston church massacres and stand together in protest against the countless police killings and a broken justice system.  More and more racism and bigotry are being called out and becoming increasingly unpopular.  Most of American's want peace, but clearly their are others who don't.  Which is why we have to continue fight for what's right.

Dr. King was brave enough to publicly take a stand against injustice, hatred and bigotry. He pointed out that change begins with our leaders and the laws by which the country is run.  He helped motivate people to see the value in equality and encouraged all people to vote, so that real change could be realized by all.  He paid the ultimate price for the freedom of others, in which we will be forever grateful.  Let us all remember his legacy and continue his work, with the same dignity and love.  We are all of God's children and there is enough room for all of us.

Like Dr. King in spite of everything, I'm still hopeful.  I can see a better America and world on the horizon.  I believe their are far more good people in the world than bad.  We the people, must continue to take a stand and say no to hatred, bigotry and injustice.  One day, hopefully sooner than later, the good people of the world will ultimately win and over shadow the bad.  Like Micheal Jackson said, let it begin with "The Man In The Mirror." Let's make that change.  God bless and happy Dr. Martin Luther King Day to all of you!



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