With us going through several Hurricane we haven't had anything but time to be with family and eat. While I will admit my intake of things over the Hurricane time has not been the best at all. I had to at least think about some of my guilty pleasures when it comes to foods that I like and obviously don't need. We were going through a crisis, so please don't judge me with what you see below.

Again I am not truly happy about my potential diet. However, we were all going through a lot during our stay here at the radio station as well as the aftermath and things that had to be done.

I am on a mission of working to make sure that my family and I get back on track. But every now and then I may just decide that I want to have a little something that is not right for me. But I'll do it anyway and won't have a second thought about it. Stay tuned for some more interesting facts and my next list to come.

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