Today in Tha Wire Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta is currently wrapping up the filming of it's new season. Not sure when the big premiere will role out, but there's been some extra drama on the set. Matter of fact, someone was injured pretty bad, during a shopping scene in Atlanta's Buckhead area. According to TMZ a crazy shopper became enraged when the security guard for the production crew wouldn't let him park.

The guard was reportedly trying to hold a parking space for a member of the film crew, when the shopper drove up. The man refused to find another space. He got so mad when the guard wouldn't move, that he started revving his engine. Witnesses told authorities, the guy proved he wasn't bluffing and rammed his vehicle into the guard. The security guard was struck in the leg, and injured pretty bad. What's crazy is, the driver parked in another spot and actually went into a nearby golf store.

It's unclear as to whether or not the security guard had to be hospitalized, but he was taken away in an ambulance. At last word, the driver has not been arrested. However police know who he is, so it's only a matter of time. When authorities arrived on the scene, the crazy driver had left the area. Thankfully employees of the golf store were able to give police his identification. Plus they were able to recover video surveillance footage of the incident from cameras of stores in the area.

Mimi and other LHHA cast members were at the scene, when the parking lot rukus went down. None of them were hurt. Meanwhile the bizarre event is under investigation, and we'll report any new developments. As always get the latest entertainment news with Tha Wire every weekday, exclusively on The People's Station 107 Jamz.

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