I have been seeing the hype online and basically every celebrity that has visited Atlanta has talked about this restaurant. What place am I talking about? Excuse the name, but the hot spot in the A for vegan burgers is Slutty Vegan.

They have had everyone from Da Brat to others who have stood in long lines to finally have the chance to try out one of those burgers. While my family and I had a little down time last week, we took a road trip and Atlanta was our destination. All of this week so far, I have been covering a lot of our little adventures and this spot was on all of our list.

The ambience once you get inside was like a club. They were very considerate with their social distancing practice, as only a few patrons were allowed in at the same time. The employees also made sure we were comfortable. I had to try the burger called the M'enage A' Trois and disappointed I was not. While I am not currently a practicing vegan, I love the fact that this place doesn't come with what seems like constraints or judging. I'd highly recommend that you go and give it a try and decide if it lives up to the hype for you.

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