Today, the city council will be coming to vote on an agenda of whether we will be moving into Phase Three. If passed, this will go to Governor John Bel Edwards in a plea that the city is ready to move forward. I am sure local businesses will all be watching if not in attendance, as this will either confirm things can get sort of back to normal, or it could be a stance that opening now is not the right thing to do.

While I may not have a dog in this fight. I have watched people have anxiety attacks from having to leave their homes. I have actually had moments where I was afraid to leave and come to work. Honestly, I feel like a lot of that is due to not understanding the COVID-19 pandemic fully and seeing everyone from social media doctors to certified physicians giving us information.

I understand these closures have put a damper on many people's lifestyles. There have been instances where some local businesses have simply had to close due to financial setbacks. But are we truly ready to move to Phase Three? We know masks will have to be worn and there is still backlash from people not wanting to wear them.

I am anxious to hear what decision will be made and even if the agenda passes here in Lake Charles. The governor is going to have the final say, and I can honestly say I don't envy him at all. We need to proceed with caution, and we need to continue to follow the guidelines until everyone is wearing their masks when going out in public. Personally, I feel we need to pump the brakes and give it a little longer.

Take a look at the resolution here, as the voting will happen today at 5:30pm.

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