One of the most talented individuals to come out of Lake Charles is singer Jarvis Jacob. Before COVID, you could see him regularly along with the Southern Gents performing at various venues in the city.

When Jarvis touches the microphone, there is nothing to be left when it's all said and done. I have seen him at his best giving his all, and I have seen him even through major colds where he was pushing his voice. He still gave one hell of a show. The question many of his followers want to know is, when is he releasing music that will showcase his ability to show us what he can do with some of his own personal music?

Well, the time has come. Jarvis is dropping a brand new album, To Geaux Plate, this Friday. Here is the first single and video Pressure. As we brace ourselves for what is currently another major hurricane, we have to find some positivity in the world. Thank you Jarvis, for releasing new music right on time.

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