The happy couple have released a "official" statement welcoming their baby daughter to the world and I got all the details.  By the way, they also dispelled a couple rumors in regard to baby Blue's name and the manner of which she was born.

In more Jay and B news, the proud daddy wasted no time dropping getting into the studio and releasing a new single dedicated to his baby girl called "Glory".  Check it out:

All I can say is......beautiful!

Plus, if you caught in the song, Jay talks about the pain he B suffered after she had a miscarraige.  Like he said, we all go threw things.  In other good news, Jay is adding to his empire by teaming up with Duracell for a multi-year venture.



Lastly, more fall out behind how things went down at the hospital when Beyonce had the baby.  It looks more and more like the hospital is gonna get sued.  Several moms and dads who had their babies the same night had major problems seeing their babies or major issues moving around the hospital due to the tight security.

Snoop was arrested in the same place and for the same thing his pal Wiley Nelson was over the weekend in Texas.  Get all the details now.  Press play for Tha Wire: 


Deion's wife Pilar is looking to prove that she's not the woman her soon-to-be ex's daughter is makeing her out to be.  It looks like Deion's daughter has a lot to do with the two breaking up.  Deiondra has put Pilar on blast on Twitter calling her a "gold digging h*e" who cheated on her dad.

Now, Pilar's attorney, Larry Friedman is stepping in and says, "It's extremely unfortunate that in addition to the mental distress caused by the unexpected and untimely filing of the divorce by Deion Sanders, he has not stopped his daughter Deiondra from falsely accusing my client Pilar Sanders of infidelity in order to cause her more pain and suffering and further damage her character and reputation.  This matter doesn't require praying for Pilar as Deion has stated; it calls for telling the truth, as well as a retraction of the false accusations made about Pilar and a public apology."

That being said Pilar's attorney is calling for her and Deion to submit a polygraph test to determine whether either one of them have cheated anytime during the marriage.