Horror is one of my favorites when it comes to movie going. That would be followed up by Comedy. This month comes one of the most terrifying movies that I have seen and that is Jeepers Creepers. I have never seen a new movie do promotions like this, but on September 26th, they will release the movie for one night only. This will be the third in the installment of the hit series and from the trailer it seems to be more then good.

The trailer dropped just recently and from looking at it, you can believe that this one may be the best out of the three. Check out the trailer below of the new movie 'Jeeper Creepers 3'


I gotta see if I can round up a few of the partners and go to the movie to check this one out. The great thing about it coming out on a Tuesday is the fact that the ticket will be a little cheaper. Either way it's a great start into the Halloween Month,. Will you be going to see it as well.

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