There's something in that voice.  Like Jill Scott said......IT"S GOLDEN!!!  Joshua Ledet gets better and better every week and that's a good thing.  It's not enough though, we've got to vote now.  VOTE NOW!!

Go to the phones or log on to the computer and get busy people.  Tonight American Idol contestants were mentored by 1/2 of No Doubt, Gwen Stefani and bassist Tony Kanal.  The theme was the wonderful 80's.

Joshua Ledet sang "If You Don't Know Me By Now" by Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes and oh my goodness, he saaaaannng that song.  I was on the floor!!!

"The song he chose is really, really good for him," Gwen Stefani says.  "Every note of that song he sang, I'm with him 100 percent," Jimmy Iovine says.  Steven Tyler couldn't have said it better,"What a perfect, beautiful song. ... It wasn't too much over the top, and it was way over the top."  Here's a recap just in case you missed it!  You may want to sit down because he killed it!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, he from Westlake, Louisiana.  A diamond in the rough!  Now, the rest is up to you!  Please vote as many times as you can!!!  Don't let him down, he needs us.  His number is 1-866-436-5704, if you have AT&T text VOTE to 5704 and of course online at

Get your vote on, and lets make sure Joshua makes it to the top 7 on American Idol!!!!!!!!!!!

They blew the roof of the place!  Look for them two to be the top 2!