It's getting kinda ugly between Juvenile and the mother of his 13-year old son.  The two have been locked into a child support battle that's going from bad to worse. 

Speaking of which, Juvenile allegedly just got word that the son he's loved and raised....may not be his after all.  Because of the alleged new info, he's seeking a paternity test to make sure.  Meanwhile, listen to Tha Wire to more details surrounding this story including why an arrest warrant was issued for him.

Meanwhile, former American Idol champ Ruben Studdard is a happy camper and possibly one of the very few people in Hollywood to have a cut and dry divorce.  Any time there's money involved that can lead to a nasty divorce in most cases.  However, Ruben may have an answer to calm all the drama.  Find out what it is now with Tha Wire.

Finally, a judge just overturned a previous ruling that ordered him to pay compensation to five victims who were injured  in a 2006

nightclub shooting.  Get the skinny on this and all of the above now.  Press play to hear Tha Wire: 


Nas is teaming up with singer/songwriter Gary Clark Jr. to collaborate on a track for ESPN's upcoming NFL Draft coverage.  ESPN made the announcement last Thursday and revealed to fans that the song will be featured during the 2012 NFL Draft from April 26-28.

With the much publicized tax issues, to his nasty divorce with Kelis and a promoter being kidnapped after he was a no-show in Africa, is a welcome change of pace I'm sure. Nas will get the opportunity to showcase two songs: "Train" and "The Don"- for the event.  Both songs are from his upcoming album "Life Is Good", so be on the lookout.