Meet Kai everybody, The 107 Jamz Dog Of The Week!  I don't think I've ever meet a calmer dog.  He is a sweetheart of a dog, in need a stable home and loving family.

107 Jamz is teaming up with Lake Charles Pit Bull Rescue(LCPBR) in hopes of finding new homes and loving foster parents for dogs who desperately need a family.  Each week, I will feature a new "Dog of The Week" and this week it's, sweet Kai!

Kai is in dog heaven. Playing with children is his specialty!

I've owned dogs all my life and I never seen a dog so laid back.  He is sweetest dog ever! Kai, like most dogs that come to  LCPBR, had a VERY tough life.  He was in pretty bad shape and in dire need of some TLC.  Yet, he's not the least bit timid or nervous about his surroundings.  He's super with other dogs and unbelievably loving with children.

Below watch how Kai interacts with my daughter Londyn and learn more about him and how you can adopt him today.

By teaming up with Lake Charles Pit Bull Rescue, are goal is to help dogs like Kai who've been abandoned, badly abused or tortured, giving them a second chance at life. Along the way, we hope to educate and change the bad image these Bull breed dogs have been given.

Let's stop the ban on the dog and ban their BAD OWNERS instead!

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