People have such strong feelings about Kanye West. There is no grey area here: His mere presence is enough to either send some people into a revered silence or see an entire stadium erupt into a chorus of boos -- the latter of which actually happened when he attended a Golden State Warriors game yesterday (May 27).

Echoing a similar cacophony of callousness faced by Khloe Kardashian and Kendall Jenner earlier this month, the crowd reportedly made their dismay over having to share oxygen with 'Ye known, via some super-loud booing as soon as his face appeared on the Jumbotron. According to NME and a few Twitter accounts, Kanye's reaction to the vocal upset was a simple shrug. And what more can you do, really? Kanye remains richer, more talented and ultimately more successful than his haters, so whatever.

Making an educated guess based solely on the following picture taken at the very same game -- which features him in rare form, known to the rest of us as "smiling" -- Kanye wasn't too bothered by the booing.

Kanye West
Ezra Shaw, Getty Images

While we'll never be privy to his thoughts at the exact moment that photo was taken, perhaps he was reliving his wedding to Kim Kardashian? The two celebrated their one-year anniversary just a few days ago as Kim posted some previously unseen photos of the two on her Instagram.

Or maybe he was just thinking about ice cream.

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