Last night was a great moment in music especially for the Zydeco community as Keith Frank and The Soileau Zydeco Band released their latest album "Return Of The King" It's been about 5 years since we actually received a new album of all new material, but you will not be disappointed at all.

I heard it last night and it's like he never left. He touches on everything from shady business practices, being counted out from his peers and just bringing you on home with that great music for the culture. The album is available on all streaming sites and you will be able to pick one up as well on Monday night as he will be performing live at Cowboys for our annual Lundi Gras event.


Keith Frank and The Soileau Zydeco Band- "Return Of The King":

Shouts out to Keith for actually just being a cool and laid back dude. Also for continuing to create great music for the fans. Make sure you stop by and pick up your tickets from our studios 900 North Lakeshore Drive or at Cowboys.


Keith Frank- "Taped Conversations":


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