3CTV (3rd Coast Television) is officially here. This was a brainchild of the 3rd Coast Society founder Derrick Morris and is here to explore the culture of Southern Hip Hop, and the movement that has been created by Louisiana and the Texas music scene for decades. Before the world knew the sound of DJ Screw, DJ Jubilee, Paul Wall, or even Juvenile. They were staples of the 3rd Coast music scene, and an outlet for many of us to dance and party like never before.

Founder Derrick Morris, who I have known for almost twenty years started off as a young entrepreneur who has utilized his brilliance and expertise in the music industry to create an outlet for former unknowns who are now household names. I remember when I first heard the name Derrick Morris or short D-Mo as many call him. It was early 2.000's and he was running a show called 3rd Coast Radio hosted at the time by Crystal Miller and Lex Bradford. The show introduced many of us to a new sound and had an open invitation for artists to come in and talk about what they were working on at the time.

Fast Forward to years later when had the chance to bring 3rd Coast Radio to 107 Jamz with Kynfolk and Chuck Slugg taking over as the new host of the already established show. The show turned into a staple for our station, and was still very instrumental in artist development as well as touching on political subjects, and satire that not only informed the listeners but gave us all the opportunity to laugh. That is why I am proud to see where the 3rd Coast Movement is today.

There is a new channel now that can help give even more life to something we have grown to love and become accustomed to. The 3CTV app is available now and will allow you to watch music videos, documentaries, movies, and even podcasting events. This is going to be great for independent artists and content creators who are looking for an outlet to show off their talents. If you haven't heard about it, you should do yourself a favor and download the app now. Coming up next Sunday, March 6 get ready for a 3rd Coast Hall of Fame inductee and Louisiana music legend DJ Jubilee. This will be a special moment that you'll be able to watch for free on the 3CTV.


I want to tip my hat off to Derrick Morris and give him his flowers, while also giving credit to all of those involved as this is long overdue, and something the world needs to see. The South has had its hands on the shift of the music culture for decades, and it continues moving the bubble of things. I am happy to be a part of this and I hope that you will enjoy it as I have.


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