Lake Charles, La. - The Lake Charles Police Department is currently promoting the "safe & secure program", and below is a list of goals they're initiating to help make Lake Area homes safer from would-be criminals.

  • Prevent burglaries by making homes more secure and less appealing to burglars.
  • Arrests of more suspects by having more aware citizens and more information about suspects and property stolen in a burglary.
  • Recover more property stolen in a burglary by being able to identify the property.
  • Make residents more aware of what the police need to thoroughly investigate burglaries.
  • Make residents more aware of the process from discovery of the crime to a successful prosecution of the suspect.

Homeowners can schedule a meeting with a Lake Charles Police Property Crimes Detective or Community Policing Officer who will come out and conduct an inside and out "home security check" of their residence. They will then be informed of how to make the necessary improvements to "make their home more secure. and less likely to be the target of a burglar", said a media release.

There's also a suspect & vehicle description form, and home inventory list.

Contact the Lake Charles Police Department for more details at 491.1311.

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