The Lake Charles Police Department will offer the Safe & Secure Program free of charge to residential and commercial property owners city wide in an effort to reduce the occurrence of burglary and theft in the City.

According to a media release, through this program, LCPD Property Crimes Detectives and Community Policing Officers will schedule a time meet with the property owner and complete a security check, including an inspection of both the inside and outside of the property to advise property owners of where improvements can be made in order to make their location a less likely target for a burglar.

“There are some simple steps property owners can take to make their home or business more secure,” said Sgt. Kirt Farquhar, a detective in the LCPD Property Crimes Division. “This program provides a one-on-one approach to making property more secure for owners, while assisting us with improving our chances of recovering stolen property and making arrests when burglaries do occur. We are able to educate citizens on the types of information that is helpful to detectives as well as the process these cases go through from discovery of a crime to successful prosecution.”

Officers working with the Safe & Secure Program are also available for speaking engagements with local neighborhood watch and other community organizations.

“The Safe & Secure Program is just another way that we are working proactively keep our community safe,” added Chief Shawn Caldwell. “Our Officers are not only here to respond to crime after it occurs. It is our hope to build relationships in the community that allow us to prevent it in the first place.”

For more information about the Safe & Secure Program, or to schedule a home or business check or to schedule a speaking engagement, contact Sgt. Farquhar by calling 491.1520.

Safe and Secure

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