A Lake Charles Police Department captain gained access to school desks that were set to be thrown away, and had them transported to an Orange, TX school instead. Many southern towns and cities in Texas are still recovering from the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. The school received flooding from Hurricane Harvey.

According to an LCPD media release, on Monday, October 9, "Capt. Nathan Keller obtained access to several school desks which were located at Burton Coliseum. After learning the desks were going to be thrown away, Captain Keller contacted Lieutenant Craig Wright, Lake Charles Police Department Neighborhood Patrol Division, for assistance transporting the desks to Little Cypress-Mauriceville Consolidated Independent School District in Orange, TX."

The following Tuesday, Oct. 10, 85 children's school desks were delivered in a trailer to the school, where the superintendent of the school district was waiting to receive them. The LCPD officers toured the school to see the damage left behind by the massive Category 3 storm.

A job well done by all of the officers involved!

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