Another day, another cut from Lil Wayne's forthcoming Dedication 6: Reloaded. This time, Weezy pulls up with Juelz Santana on a track called "Bloody Mary," which is essentially a freestyle session over an updated version of the 2Pac classic, "Hail Mary."

Although it's definitely sped up, and so therefore, a bit less ominous, the Dizzy Banko-produced instrumental for "Bloody Mary" still carries the haunting feel of Makaveli's timeless cut from the last album he ever recorded. Juelz and Tunechi will have you feeling like it's winter 2007 instead of 2018. First up is Juelz, who continues showing he can still rap his ass off.

"From a tenant in a tenements to owning my residence/Phone still clicking I feel like a receptionist/I'm extraterrestrian, my life's a fucking movie, boy don't get yourself edited/I'm like Steph at the free-throw, that piece blow, I never miss/Told ya girl how to a whip the girl now she lesbian/You can level up, still won't be on my level then/It's level 10, these niggas hot, I must be kettling," Juelz spits on the track. Sheesh.

For his part, Weezy does what he's been doing for at least the last few months, which is reminding us he's one of the best to ever do it. Over the course of much more than 16 bars, he hits us with an icy combo of self-mythologizing and deft rhyme schemes.

"Now who am I?/I'm who and why, I'm rude and kind/My cars are computerized, I'm cruisin' by/Smokin' blunts Ruben size/You fools can try, these tools getting utilized, you euthanized/Blattt, skrrt, shoot then drive, now who survived?/We comin' back to rewind
I'm usually high, sippin' on the Houston wine," Weezy raps.

Check out "Bloody Mary" below. Listen to "Big Bad Wolf" when you're done with that.

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Young Money

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