First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEZY!  Secondly, congratulations to Lil Wayne for surpassing Elvis Presley's long standing "singles" record on Billboard.

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It's turning out to big a very big year for Lil Wayne, on top of racking up at all the award shows this year he's gearing up to drop his "I Am Not A Human Being II' in December.  On top of all of that yesterday (September 26th) Wayne decided to open up the skatepark in the Lower Ninth Ward because it is the most devastated area in New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005.  Once the ribbon cutting ceremony was finished, Weezy was the first one to hop on his skateboard and gave a demo as to how to skate in the facility.  The mountain Dew Pro and Amateur skate teams were on hand to help Wayne out. Fans were excited to see skaters Paul Rodriguez and Theotis Beasley.

In other news, one minute he's trying to reconcile with 50 Cent, the next minute he's picking a fight.  Just last year Game extended a olive branch in hopes of settling a long standing beef with the G-Unit General, however nothing ever came of it  Now it seems, he's back to making Fif a foe.  What better way to do that, than to highjack 50's energy truck?

Game in 50 Cent Street King Energy Drink promotional truck-instagram

Lol!  Wow.  Anyway, Big Sean hasn't disappointed yet.  Still riding high off his debut album "Finally Famous: The Album" in June 2011, he's looking to double his success with another project before the end of the year.  Learn more with Tha Wire below.


In even more news, Shyne has been hard at work in the studio since his release from prison.  He and Diddy made up shortly after his release, but Shyne was deported before any real relationship could be restored.  The brotherly love feel apart when Diddy allegedly didn't go to bat for him and use his connections to allow Shyne back in the country.

Now it's game on, and on the 12th anniversary of his Bad Boy debut "Shyne" he's dropping his first full length release since serving 10 years in prison.  "Gangland" is now officially available.

Finally, here's today's scoop, skinny, mess and drama.  Press play to here Tha Wire now: