Don't look now, but Lindsay Lohan is blaming "the black guy" again.  This the second time she's gotten herself and trouble and tried to put it someone else.Back in 2007 Lindsay was arrested for DUI,  after carjacking an SUV and chasing her assistant across L.A.  When was taken into custody she tried to tell cops "the black kid" was driving.  So I guess it comes as no surprise that she's blaming "the black guy" again, in this case Suge Knight's son.  Her legal problems are on going, it's a wonder she isn't under a jail by now.  At any rate, Lindsay is being formally investigated over a Los Angeles burglary, plus lying to the police about a car accident last summer!

Get more details below on how Suge Knights son got involved and how the two of them are involved in the burglary.  In other news, a Texas girl became a youtube phenomenon by singing cover of popular pop songs.  Megan Nicole has earned more than a million subscribers thanks to the 250 million plus views on her songs.

This young lady has become a major celebrity on youtube however, she's gonna be an even bigger celeb world wide.  Find out who just signed Megan to a major deal.  Plus, Big Boi is gearing up to drop his second sophomore solo album. Here his is with more details himself:

Meanwhile, get the latest on all of the above with Tha Wire, press play now:

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