The Peoples Station 107 Jamz will be giving you tickets all day on Friday for the movie "The Pardon". The movie was shot entirely in Louisiana and is based on Toni Jo Henry who was accused of murder and was the first woman to be electrocuted by chair here in Lake Charles. We will be giving you a chance to see the film tomorrow night at Cinemark Theatre. Listen for your cue to call and win. Check out the trailer for the movie starring Jaime King star of such hits as "Sin City", "The Spirit", "Red Tails" and more.

Jaime King In The Pardon:


There is a twist to the story and apparently it is believed that Toni Jo Henry haunts the courthouse where she was accused and electrocuted. It was on a recent episode of Ghost Stories where it is said that she walks the halls of the courthouse. We have your tickets, so listen to win on The Peoples Station 107 Jamz