Want to guarantee your kids are protected from the dangers of the internet? Well, if you don't already live here, you might have to move to Louisiana.

The latest Internet Crime Report from the F.B.I. states that approximately 8,000 victims of internet crime were under 20 years old in 2018. According to CenturyLinkQuote, there are three factors that determine how safe your child is online in each state: internet crime rates, cyberbullying and sexting laws, and malware infection rates

Louisiana is listed as the state with the lowest victim rate for persons under 20 (5.5%), and it's under the national average for malware infection rates at 34.2%. Not bad, eh? We finally made good on a list for once.

Arkansas comes in second, followed by Hawaii at number three, and our kinfolks in Texas rank at number eight. Alaska, Nevada, New Hampshire, Montana, and Virginia make the list as the most dangerous states for kids online.


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