Last week was truly a nail biter of an election, no matter what political party you affiliate yourself with. In any competition, someone is going to win and someone has got to lose. One thing's for sure, both candidates shattered records by earning the most votes in American history from getting people out to vote.

President Trump would ultimately lose his run for reelection, once former Vice President Joe Biden reached the 270 electoral votes needed for either side to be proclaimed winner. This was an important election for both candidates, and for the direction in which the country will proceed. Due to the record breaking turnout, most states in the nation are still counting ballots.

This includes Louisiana and its eight electoral votes. An estimated 98% of the state's votes have been counted since Tuesday, November 3. President Trump got 1,255,528 (58.5%) votes over Joe Biden's 855,630 (38.8%) votes to win the state. So, far 2.1 million votes have been counted.

For complete election results, the parish-by-parish breakdown, and more, click here.

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