As LSU prepares for the upcoming fall semester, students attending on-campus classes can expect a letter in the mail ahead of the big day.

Life on campus is going to be very different, mainly due to a host of new safety guidelines designed to keep all Tiger students virus free. LSU President Tom Galligan, along with Student Body President Stone Cox, sent the welcome letters out from faculty and staff on Thursday, August 6, according to KPLC 7. It was actually a good idea to do so because the letter gives returning and new students a chance to get familiar with newly enacted policies and procedures.

The pandemic has changed everything about how people interact with one another, and with more the 25,000 students, safety is on everyone’s mind. Along with notable CDC guidelines and government mandates, LSU students were also asked to take a pledge.To help protect the school and each other, students were reminded to be responsible and cooperate with the new safety procedures in place. To read the letter to students in full, click here.

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