What is going on? I can't believe all of our favorite home and bed chains, department, and discount retailers are closing. Bed Bath & Beyond are closing down left and right across the country, including the store here in Lake Charles.

Monthly Retail Sales Number For October Slide Downward By Record Amoun
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Now comes word that Tuesday Morning will close two stores in Louisiana stores. The popular chain, much like Bed Bath & Beyond, is struggling financially to keep its doors open. Major retail chains like Sears, Neiman Marcus, JCPenney, and others have filed for bankruptcy. The American Press reports Tuesday Morning filed for bankruptcy for the second time in three years!

Sadly, due to a decline in sales, the retail chain giant has been forced to close 487 locations across the country, two in Louisiana. Thank goodness the Lake Charles store is safe for now. Unfortunately, the stores that are closing are in Baton Rouge and Gretna.

Tuesday Morning execs said in a statement this week they hope to “emerge as a stronger retailer that draws on a legacy of offering a unique off-price value proposition to our loyal customer base.”

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