There are some upcoming elections we here in Lake Charles should be aware of. There are also plenty of familiar faces we are seeing show up on the ballots. The much anticipated mayors race and several City Council seats are up for grabs.

One thing I always keep in mind is what platform am I voting for. We all want to help out people we know in hopes of placing them in prominent positions. However, keep in mind that once these seats are filled, these people are in these positions for at least the next four years. We need to know if they will they have the staying power to do what the people need. Will they be able to stand up for us on projects we want or need in order to better our community?

There should not be one candidate who you can't stop and ask what their platform is they are running on. You have the right to know if that particular candidate is worthy of your vote. Sure, we want to help friends or pick the most popular person, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with making sure your vote is going to the right person. We all want to see the city continue to grow, and we all want to move the city in the right direction. But we need to make sure the person we are voting for is the person who can take us there.

Don't feel bullied or obligated to make a decision you are not sure about. Make sure to do your research and vote on what feels good to you.

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