In an effort to understand what citizens in Lake Charles want from city officials, Mayor Nic Hunter and his Community Advisement and Assessment Board (CAAB,) will continue their citywide district tour. The next Community Meeting will be for the residents of District C. The meeting will take place at 6 p.m. on Monday, August 7, at Oak Park Middle School, 2200 Oak Park Blvd.

Mayor Hunter said he wants to "unifying our city, from north to south and east to west.” He said, “the first step to developing a plan for this is to meet with community members from each district so we can develop a better understanding of the strengths of each part of our community, while identifying weaknesses and working together to find ways to overcome them for the betterment of all of Lake Charles.”

All residents are encouraged to come out and attend these meetings. As previously reported the goal of these meetings is for the city's new Mayor to know more about the needs of the citizens he will serve. If you are concerned about your community, or have questions now is the time to show up and voice your opinion. For more info about this meeting, and those to follow contact the City of Lake Charles at (337) 491-1382.


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