Atlanta rapper 550 Is coming with a flavor out of the "A" that is something to be desired. I had the chance to meet the artist and break bread over a meal and talk about some of his music and what he is bringing to the table.

While his story is similar to other artist out of Atlanta by way of having his dealings in the streets and doing a little time for those dealings in life. He bounced back with a vengeance and has been doing shows all over to promote his music. He is also a cousin of Future and Freebandz artist Casino. What I like about him is he is not using this as a crutch and is running in his own lane. We are currently running "Choke Hold" which is doing well on the music scene.

We talked about other things that are in the works and with the start of the music and also clothing. I truly believe that we will be hearing even more things to come from him in the near future.

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