This Saturday, October 2nd marks the return of "Meet Me At The Market" on the grounds of Historic City Hall, located at 1001 Ryan Street, and will continue every Saturday of each month following this Saturday's return. This is an extended addition to the Charlestown Farmers Market in order to make it even bigger and better.

The Children's Museum of Southwest Louisiana is also teaming up with local art vendors and the Charlestown Farmers Market to provide entertainment, as well as shopping opportunities. There will be close to forty local artists and farmers market vendors expected to bring out all of the best for the event.

Also, bring your appetite, there will be food trucks, food booths, plenty of live music and arts/ crafts, and plenty of your baked goods as well. Let's move the diet a few weeks later and come out and patronize great local businesses and friends. If you would more information on how to be a part of the events, please call 491-9147 or you can simply email


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