This past Sunday, Southern Touch Entertainment hosted the first Men's Day event in Lake Charles. It was the brainchild of Donald Thomas to bring men of all nationalities together to network and speak about working together positively in the community. It was also open for single mothers or fathers to bring out their sons for some positive one-on-one time with the young men.

I was able to witness what was an idea come to fruition, and it was a great day with the weather being top notch. There was plenty of great food on the grill and the setting was just what was needed. It also felt good just to be outside again in some form of normalcy without being overly concerned with the year we had last year.

While there are no upcoming dates on the calendar for another one, I did have a talk with Donald and recommended something like this working quarterly. There are so many men in this area who may know names but have never met one another. It is also a great time for young men to witness men in a setting without the confrontations that are becoming the norm.

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