Aaron Mulligan aka Director Fresh is our future Spike Lee, John Singleton and more wrapped up in one. This is a young man who had a vision of tackling issues while captivating audiences with his work.

This was something that took a little time in the making but get ready as Aaron presents his directorial debut of the short film "The Kickback" The term Kickback means a small gathering of friends that's not considered a party. The film features plenty of familiar faces from right here in Lake Charles. Here is the official trailer for the film.


"The Kickback Movie Trailer"

Tune into The Afternoon Jump off with me next Wednesday as we'll be talking about his inspiration and the movie "The Kickback" which will premiere on August 2nd and will be shown at Walk Ons Bistro in the reserved room. It was in a previous location, but the demand for the movie has caused for the move to a bigger venue. It's open to all, but there is a limited seating area, so you should get there early.

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