Everyone including T.I. and Treach of Naughty by Nature have been speaking out against the criticism late rapper Tupac Shakur has been receiving from legendary New York radio personality Funk Master Flex and Tha Game’s manager Wack 100.

Mickey Rourke is the latest celebrity to step in to defend his late friend, telling TMZ “Talk s**t on Tupac... Come look my ass up!” According to Rourke, he was at the hospital after the “All Eyes On Me” rapper was shot at Quad Studios back in 1994. The famed actor was also reportedly so close to Tupac that he knew the location of each bullet wound he had.

Tell him come see me to my face if you want to talk about my brother when he’s not here. You can tell any MF on the planet he got his s**t to talk about Tupac come look me up. Come look me up at any MF time. If you want to talk about Tupac when he ain’t here come look my ass up. IDGAF about who defended him, he was one MF good dude, and if anyone wants to talk sh-t about him come talk to Mickey Rourke to my face.

Check out throwback photo’s of Tupac with some of his celebrity friends via Billboard.com. 


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