This past Saturday was a great time as Gina Cook, Kynnfolk, Alyssa and myself took part in the Ethel Precht Cancer walk, and we had a great time for an even greater cause.  The ironic part in the entire deal is last year around this time my friend and coworker Jolyn Slate was here and wanted to take part in the walk last year, but had just gotten out of the hospital. A few weeks later she lost the battle to cancer and man it was a major loss to all of us here. Below are some of the pictures from the event, which unofficially had over thousands in attendance.

Photo by Don Rivers/ In Memory of a young lady who lost her battle with cancer this year
Photo by:Erik Tee/ Fireman Clown Doing Balloons for the kids at the Cancer Walk Event


Photo by: Erik Tee/ Play Director Gabriel Brown and Family at the Ethel Precht Cancer Walk
Photo By:Don Rivers--Erik Tee and Gina Cook



This was a great event and I encourage anyone in the very near future to participate in next years event. This will be truly a blessing to all of your hearts and I am sure we have all either been directly or indirectly affected by Cancer. Thanks to all who were there this year and major props to Ethel Precht for spearheading such an awesome event!

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