Almost two weeks since we lost DMX to an apparent heart attack, we lost former Bad Boy rapper, Black Rob. I just did a story on Hip Hop and health on last week. In the post, I included a video of Black Rob sending condolences to DMX from his hospital bed. While he was released last week from the hospital, he died on Saturday.

Black Rob had been dealing with health issues over the years. There are reports his kidneys were failing him, and this was reportedly the cause of death. What's really sad for me is that I am truly losing several artists I grew up on. They're dying at an alarming rate, and no one thinks maybe there should be a health union for them. The fact that Black Rob passed almost homeless and with no real health care is shameful. It's almost like after their hit songs are done, they are tossed out like yesterday's trash and then we get the memoriam memes after they die.

While Black Rob didn't have the track record of DMX or many of the other artists on Bad Boy, he had one of the biggest songs going in to 2000. That song was Whoa. You cou can play it in the club now and the crowd will go crazy.

I truly don't want to be making another post like this anytime soon. This is one of the reasons I am really trying to get my health in order and making sure I get those doctor visits in. We are losing many of our favorite celebrities because they are so preoccupied with their busy schedules, they forget about taking care of themselves. We have to do better and make ourselves a priority for our families and for ourselves.

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