What can I say about Rapper Ice Cube? I am one of his biggest fans and have been since he first started with the group NWA. Once he went solo, many people counted him out. That wasn't the case as he left the comfort of producer Ice Cube and went to the east to work with Chuck D of Public Enemy. This would prove to be just what the doctor ordered, as his career only blossomed.

They recorded AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted which showed he could roll with the best of them. It also solidified him as a hit maker and lyricist. After that album, he went back to the west coast and linked with Sir Jinx who crafted one of my favorite songs, Steady Mobbin. This came from the album Death Certificate and showed growth with his flow and style. Every time I hear the song, it takes me to the park in Meridian on a Sunday afternoon. If you don't remember this classic, check out the video below.

While Cube had a few club records, including We Be Clubbin and Push Weight, he is known for the gritty reality records that made him who he is today. Check back next week for another classic from the mind of a music lover like myself.

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