Today in Tha Wire after 19-years of marriage NBA legend Scottie Pippen filed for divorce. The news broke over the weekend that Pippen's reason for throwing in the towel, is allegedly behind Future.  Apparently the hall of famer suspects, there's more to his wives 'buddy' ship with the rapper and he ain't havin it.

TMZ Sports reports Scottie's suspicions of the two being much more than friends may be accurate, because they've been seen in public getting "cozy" and spending a lot of time together.  According to reports, Larsa Pippen has been going as far as taking trips on Future's private jet, taking-off to Las Vegas with the rapper just last month.  What's more the two were hugged-up at the Komodo nightclub in Miami recently, so at this point it look like their trying to be discrete.

Drama between the have been mounted over the last couple of months.  TMZ reports the law has been called to the couples house twice in the last three weeks, after heated arguments broke-out between the two.  Though Larsa called police, she was adamant that Scottie never put his hands on her.  But this definitely got heated on more than one occasion. It's being reported that Larsa met Future back in August at the Haute Living Color Reveal Party in Miami.  Evidently they really digged one another, because they've been seen at various events ever since.

As far as the divorce is concerned, it doesn't look like Larsa is contesting it, an I'm not quite sure if she even could.  Word has it Scottie had a prenup in place and he and the 42-year old 'Housewife of Miami,' alum agreed to call it quits several weeks ago. This week as news of the split was revealed, Larsa released the following statement through a rep: "Although they are no longer to be married, Larsa remains hopeful that she and Scottie will always do what is best for their 4 beautiful children and jointly raise them with love and respect."


Larsa Pippen has no issues with that and a undisclosed amount has already been determined to care for the children  We certainly wish the Pipens and theirs kids the best.

Finally, it's being reported that Chinara Butler has no control over her late husband Pimp C's estate.  Pimp's eldest son Chad Jr. has been fighting the get his stepmom removed as the dependent administrator of his dads estate since 2010.  He filed papers for the request charging that Chinara was poorly managing his dads money and affairs, even misusing $150,000 in jewelry.  Plus she allegedly wasn't hadn't given any money to any of Pimp C's other beneficiaries.

Over the summer Chad Jr. went a step further and requested a new administrator be appointed over the estate and this week, he got his wish.  Matter of fact, they will be appointed by a judge tomorrow!  An that's wrap on the news for today.  Stay tuned for the scoop every weekday and stay in the know with Tha Wire, only on The Peoples Station 107 Jamz.