Today in Tha Wire theft is a problem for everyone, no matter where you are on the food chain. This year though, celebrity home invasions are on the rise. Actors, athletes, musicians, to the Dog Whisperer are be robbed. Nobody's crib in Hollywood has been safe in 2017, especially these last few months. Two weeks ago crooks striped two of R. Kelly's cribs down to the baseboards. Last night another celeb home burglary made the news! What's really going on?

Former Dallas Mavericks baller, Charlie Villanueva, came home to find his crib was hit. The question who? Plumbers? Who else would steal a toilet? This has gotta be the most bizarre theft yet. According to CBS Sports the 33-year old basketball star is missing a variety of items from his crib, including some appliances. However, he's still in shock that the burglars actually took a toilet out of one of his bathrooms.

Like who the hell does that? To add insult to injury, he couldn't get Dallas PD to come out to his house! To be fair, it's possible dispatch didn't take him seriously after he told them someone stole his toilet. After calling the police several times, the former NBA star took to Twitter vent over the crazy situation. Below is a series of tweets Villanueva posted, including a pic of his bathroom and the whole in the floor where his missing porcelain throne used to be.

@DallasPD at 6:50pm it’s 10:41pm and no response from them, called 4 times already 
#findmytoliet." Well on the bright side, looks like the thieves knew a little something about "Johns." It was a clean uninstall, and there didn't appear to be a mess left behind. Pretty crazy....


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