Nipsey Hussle's family, friends and fans are still coming to grips with the rapper's murder, which occurred on March 31 outside his The Marathon Clothing store in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. The alleged killer, Eric Holder, is currently in police custody and facing charges of first-degree murder and attempted murder. Nip's grandmother was recently interviewed about the rapper's tragic passing and she relayed that she is praying for the man accused of taking her grandchild's life.

CBS2 spoke with Margaret Boutte for an interview that aired on Friday (April 5). The 88-year-old woman helped raise the beloved rapper and said she has been surprised by the outpouring of love since his passing. "I never knew he was so much loved like I love him. So that was so uplifting to see that so many people loved him and understood him," she said. "I hope these young people will get the message and live a better life."

As for the man accused of shooting and killing Nipsey, and wounding two others, Boutte is praying for his well-being. "I'm praying for him too," she said. "I hope he does not get killed in custody. Have enough time to ask God for forgiveness. I'm a Catholic. I do believe in prayers and I'm paying for him. He was a young, ignorant situation and I'm hoping he's sorry for what he did."

Holder is currently facing life in prison if convicted of the charges against him. He has pleaded not guilty and hired infamous prosecutor Chris Darden for his defense.

See Nipsey Hussle's grandmother speak on his death below.

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