Michael Parker operates Louisiana Mudfest in Colfax, Louisiana. The property features acres and acres of open property for off-roading vehicles to get muddy and have a good time. The annual event has become very popular with the off-roading community. Along with the off-roading areas, the property also boasts live music, concessions, and an RV park.

Parker took to Facebook to explain the situation of the property's upcoming event this weekend called Trucks Gone Wild. Parker explains in the video that he was talking to the Louisiana government about his park and it being open for this weekend, despite push-back that he cannot be open. Parker states in his video that he attempted to negotiate with the state, saying he would shut down his concession stands on the property, cancel all of the live music scheduled, and even hire restroom attendants to clean the restrooms thoroughly after a certain amount of customers used the facilities. All of the negotiations, according to Parker, didn't get him very far.

In his video, Parker states that the state still said he could not be open due to the current phase that Louisiana is currently in. He explains in his video that he truly is an RV park with plenty of acreage for social distancing. He ended his video explaining this year's Louisiana Mudfest will now be considered a peaceful protest against the state trying to shut him down. Will his plan work? We will see this weekend when the event starts on Friday and runs through the weekend. Maybe.


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