I remember being a child who was infatuated with the radio. I used to actually stay up all night at my house playing music like I was working overnights at a radio station. Believe it or not there were times when people were actually at the radio station all night long.

I used to call all of the radio stations and talk to them and ask them questions about how they got in the business and some of their favorite celebrities that they had the chance to meet. Well now I have been in the game for over 25 years and from the phone interviews to actually being at the concerts. I have had my share of celebrities that I've gotten to meet. Check out some of the photos below of my fondest celebrity sightings.

I'm sure you can notice a change in weight throughout the years, There are not many people who love what they do and the people that they meet. Although there are plenty of other artist who I have met over the year. I simply don't have room for all of them. But I want to thank every artist and person who I have met over the years. You guys have made my love for radio stay top of mind every day of the week.

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