When you can put Kanye West on your resume of artist that you have worked with. You can just about write down your request list for who you would like to work with afterwards. Charlie Heat may not be a household name by alot of industry standards, but this young guy is a beast when it comes to creating magic.

He worked with Kanye West on "The Life Of Pablo" as well as Travis Scott and Lil Uzi Vert so when I saw that he was participating with Rhythm Roulette, I knew that it was going to be fire. The last track he actually created with the sound from the end of a record which I have not seen done before. Check out the clip below.


Rhythm Roulette with Charlie Heat:

If this is any indication of what 2017 will be like then I am more then excited to be able to bring it to the music fans out there. This young man is someone who is going to be that guy and you can believe that the name Charlie Heat is one that you will be hearing alot about.

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